Nourishing Chicken and Parsnip Soup…And Why Broth Should Be a Regular Part of Your Diet

Earlier this week one of my little ones came home from school with a cold, coughing and stuffed up and needing lots of extra mom hugs.  Between cuddling (and working and giving my millionth lecture on the importance of hand washing throughout the day in elementary school), I whipped up a quick batch of this … [Read more…]

Grain Free Apple Crisp

Well, here it is October already!  Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year- crisp mornings, cozy sweaters and boots and scarves, crackling leaves as we walk to school, all things pumpkin, and of course, perfect baking weather. While I don’t promote having treats, even the healthy ones, all the time, I believe balance is so important.  … [Read more…]