IMG_9893Our philosophy is that the health problems of modern society are largely the result of poor nutritional foundations that do not support good health.  The modern diet creates weakness in the body on a foundational level that leads to degenerative diseases and a myriad of chronic health issues.  Our goal is not to diagnose or treat disease, but to help people restore and achieve optimal wellness through a nutrient dense properly prepared diet and lifestyle factors.  We use a wide range of evaluative tools to determine on an individual basis if there is a deficiency or imbalance in the body, what nutrients the body needs to correct the deficiency, and create customized nutritional plans that honor each person’s chemical bio-individuality.  By working with the foundations of proper digestion, blood sugar balance, fatty acid balance, mineral balance, and hydration we can help you begin a customized journey to optimal health.  If you’re dealing with endocrine issues, immune issues or allergies, joint problems, cardiovascular issues, or simply want help with weight management, improved mental health or increased athletic performance, nutritional therapy can help tremendously.  With our holistic approach designed for you specifically, we can work along with your healthcare team to help you achieve your personal best.  Are you ready for a whole nourished life?