Hello!  My name is Emily Fudge, and I live near Denver, CO with my husband and two beautiful children.  My interest in health and nutrition began years ago, but I became truly passionate about holistic nutrition after my struggles with autoimmune disease led me to a whole-foods based lifestyle after years of health issues.   Like many of you who have been to doctor after doctor attempting to figure out a link between seemingly random symptoms, I felt frustrated and lost as my health continued to spiral.  After finally getting a diagnosis of Celiac disease, I was told by the gastroenterologist that he didn’t know exactly what I should cut out of my diet but that I could look it up on the internet.  I was still quite lost, and although I cut gluten out of my diet, I didn’t experience the dramatic recovery I had hoped for.  I still had other health issues I didn’t know how to heal, and I continued to develop additional autoimmune diseases as my body spiraled downward with complex and difficult to diagnose issues.  I found a practitioner who was a tremendous help, guiding me through the steps I needed to help my body heal through proper nutrition and lifestyle factors.  I felt the best I had in years, going from tremendous pain and exhaustion during daily tasks to being able to function wonderfully, even starting Crossfit and having the energy to push through challenging physical activity several times a week.  My interest in real nutrition continued to grow, and I knew I wanted to help others experience the wonderful effects of a properly prepared nutrient-dense diet.  I found the Nutritional Therapy Association, and their Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program fit my philosophy perfectly.  I truly believe real, whole foods can be healing, and I love experimenting in the kitchen to create delicious healthy dishes that ensure everyone will love eating foundationally healing foods. I also love the amazing changes I see while working with clients through functional testing and in-depth nutritional consulting, and it is truly fulfilling to help others experience the impact that nutritional therapy can have on their health and well-being.   While I help myself manage chronic illness and work with clients to help them learn what their bodies need for optimal health, I am truly grateful to be a part of this real-food movement.   I’m so excited to spread the knowledge I’ve learned and help you achieve a truly whole nourished life.